We are being prescribed anti-depressants at a higher rate than ever before in the history of man. In fact anti-depressants usage has increased by 400% over the last twenty years. This tells us people are desperately looking for ways to feel better by visiting their GP.

Many of us know that doctors are encouraged by the pharmaceutical companies to give out prescriptions and are paid healthy commissions to do so. Rarely are there GPs that discuss treatment options. Often these drugs cause “Iatrogenic disease” often described as illness by medicine, one of the top causes of death in the western world.

meditation and anti-depressant tools vs anti-depressants Anti-depressants are able to mask some emotional symptoms but do nothing to change a person’s core issues, ability to regulate their emotions or think in an entirely different way. This bandaid approach to health care also means people can spend many years on medication feeling numbed out and dependant. As one client of mine describes “I avoided difficulties and overlooked serious issues, not allowing them to affect me as I was so emotionally numb for so many years.”

Anti-depressants seem for many the easy road out of their negative mood state in our quick fix society. Many don’t take the time to learn the tools to emotionally self-sooth or practice the many ways to heal that were used for centuries before the emergence of anti-depressants.

One example of how we can change our brain circuitry is through regular meditation. Meditation is a powerful way to protect our immune system and regulate emotions such as stress, depression and anxiety, Neuroscientists evidence suggests that that brain circuitry of long-time meditators looks entirely different. Your perceptions and moods can dramatically change when you make this a regular part of your routine.

There are also many other tools that can be used to engage the left and right hemispheres of the brain giving you “whole brain synchronisation”. This whole brain state allows you to gain better control of your emotions, get a clearer perspective and the ability to function better in all areas of your life.

When you engage in therapy with me I am able to show you many “anti-depressant” tools that will empower you emotionally. To book a session please contact me via email.

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