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Newcastle NSW Australia
I am trained in Gottman Couple Therapy, a model developed by relationship expert Dr Gottman based on 40 years of solid relationship testing and research. The Gottman model is a combination of evidence based education and methods that have worked for thousands of couples.

Couples partake in sessions together and individually to address the following themes:

Friendship and Intimacy: relationship satisfaction, emotional connection, romance, and admiration;

The Safety Scales: trust, chaos, commitment, and emotional philosophies;

The Conflict Scales: stress, relationship harshness, and conflict management;

The Shared Meaning System: shared rituals, values, and goals;

Individual Areas of Concern: individual issues, or concerns such as safety, sex, depression, drug and alcohol use, violence, anxiety, or anything that may require psychological or psychiatric help.

Couples counselling in Newcastle NSW Australia
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Relationship Renewal

Is your relationship struggling?
Are you are experiencing more distress than happiness, passion and fulfillment?
Perhaps you are feeling exhausted by constant conflict, taken for granted, misunderstood, blamed, criticised or betrayed?

If you think separation is the answer, consider this…
The emotional cost that goes with separation or on-going conflict is one of life’s biggest all time stressers and often affects our physical health, our family, our work and many other areas of our life.
Then there is the huge financial burden that comes with separation.

At times you think it might be too late… but you have invested so much in the relationship.
No couple should separate without receiving professional help first to learn strategies for a successful relationship.

I am here to support you through the process of resolving conflict over beliefs, values and expectations in your relationship.
I am here to assist you in repairing trust, communication and intimacy.
Using the Gottman Model I am able to help you build a strong loving foundation together by showing you relationship repairing and bonding formulas that will serve you for the rest of your life.

This can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or in a marathon format. The amount of sessions may vary depending on the complexity of issues and needs.

A Mini Marathon is an intensive and highly focused counselling process that assists couples to detox and heal their relationship in a short time frame.
Studies show that intensive therapy for couples can be more beneficial for fast change than weekly one hour sessions.
Marathon Therapy also suits couples who are unable to attend weekly therapy sessions or are travelling from out of town. In this case you might even want to make a weekend of it and book a place to stay.

Pre-Commitment / Pre-Marriage Coaching

It’s serious…You are in love…Your relationship might be in great shape right and you are planning to spend the rest of your lives together.
Pre-commitment / Pre-marriage counselling gives you the guidance and knowledge for attaining and maintaining an exceptional relationship.

I will help you to clarify and navigate the expectations and lifestyle choices a committed couple encounters.
You will become better equipped and confident in acquiring problem solving strategies to address any differences, potential issues, niggling doubts, or “cold feet.”

For those that choose to take part in counselling prior to committing, the risk of divorce and separation is reduced by 30%.
Couples who choose to invest the time, money and energy in their relationship early on have proven to be more consciously committed.
They also experience better physical health and live on average ten years longer.
Pre-commitment / Marriage Counselling is the best way to strengthen your relationship and ensure your lives together begin on solid ground.

The Gottman Relationship Check-up

Verified Member - Gottman Relationship Checkup

An online assessment that automatically scores a couple’s strengths and challenges.
This clinical tool consists of 480 questions about friendship, intimacy, how well you know your partner, how you manage emotions and conflict, how you share your values and goals, and what gives meaning to your lives.
There are additional questions about parenting, housework, finances, trust, and individual areas of concern. The questionnaire is completely confidential, fully HIPAA compliant, and your therapist will be the only person to see your responses.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup is a breakthrough in couple’s therapy as it allows for a confidential, efficient way for your clinician to complete the evaluation process.

By using this new technology, your assessment can be done at any time and in the setting of your choice! Upon completion, it automatically provides valuable clinical information by pinpointing specific strengths and challenges in your relationship, while also suggesting actionable, research-based recommendations for therapy.

You can feel confident in your results.
Drs. John and Julie Gottman created this research-based assessment in collaboration with The Gottman Institute to help couples build a personalized treatment plan with their therapist.
Dr. John Gottman is a clinical psychologist who has completed more than 40 years of research on couple relationships, and is recognized as one of the top 10 most influential therapists of the last quarter century.
Dr. Julie Gottman is a highly respected clinical psychologist who is sought internationally by the media and clinical organizations as an expert advisor on relationships.
Together, they have dedicated their lives to helping couples, and The Gottman Relationship Checkup is the result of this life work.

How it works:
1. Accept your invitation
Your therapist will send each of you a separate email inviting you to The Gottman Relationship Checkup.
2. Create a private profile
Once you have accepted the email invitation to join The Gottman Relationship Checkup, you and your partner will each create individual, separate profiles.
3. Complete the questionnaire
You and your partner will each complete your own questionnaire at your convenience.
Stop and start at anytime.
Neither partner will be able to access the other’s information at any point in the process.
In order to preserve the integrity and accuracy of the tool, you are encouraged not to share your responses with each other or log in to your partner’s account.
The actual time it takes to complete each assessment varies, but it will take, on average, about two hours.
4. Get your results
When you have both completed your individual questionnaires, your therapist will be notified and will be able to securely log in to review your scores and the analysis of your relationship.

Mini Marathon includes (4 hours therapy) + 85 minute Gottman Relationship Check-up (Couple to complete online)  Assessment (Therapist to complete) >>> $760 (Saturdays >>> $860). Gottman Check-up to be purchased online for US$39 per couple.


Initial Couple Intake Session >>> $275 (85 minute).
Couple sessions >>> $190 (55 minutes).

Gottman Check-up to be purchased online for US$39 per couple. (optional)

Saturday couple sessions >>>$25 surchage for every 55 minutes.
Individual sessions >>> $165 (55 minutes).

Cancellation Policy:

There is a 50% payment required for cancellations or reschedules within 48 hours of your appointment. Full payment is required for cancellations or reschedules within 24 hours of your appointment. Please provide sufficient notice of cancellations and reschedules to avoid the charge and allow another client to utilise the session time.


For more about the Gottman Method please click here.

Session take place in therapy room, via ZOOM web counselling or by phone, dependent on the needs of the client. In this process, non-judgement, confidentiality and empathy are assured.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) couples and those from diverse culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) are welcome.

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Please check your health fund for counselling rebates.