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Newcastle NSW Australia

Please feel free to read some of my articles below that cover a range of therapy tips, tools and insights.

My therapy tips, insights and tools include information sourced from experts in the field of psychology and cover breakthroughs in neuroscience. My intention is to also include helpful snippets based on my first hand therapeutic knowledge and psychological observations. My therapy tips and methods also include book suggestions, reviews and a collection of practical resources that help enable change to take place at a faster rate.

I am fascinated with themes of neurobiology, subconscious conditioning and how to access ways that enable one to function at their peak. Negative moods states, subconscious blocks and bad feeling thoughts create obstacles to achieving a meaningful life. I love to explore ways to increase ones vibrational frequency by enhancing ones mood states. When we find the means to get past these obstacles we are free to be the person we truly would like to be. By overcoming these states and learning to gain control of our thoughts we are able to find success in all areas of our life.

I am passionate about researching ways to break subconscious beliefs and habitual behaviours that do not benefit us. I am always searching for ways, new and old, that deepen our self-awareness. I am constantly reviewing methods that lead to mastery in personal development.

At the core of my writings I challenge my readers to ponder the concept of belief and perception. We hold many subconscious beliefs that are handed down to us trans-generationally. I encourage my clients to always think for themselves, find their own answers based on well-researched knowledge. My aim is to provide material and therapy tips that develop self-awareness, Intuition and visualisation skills for those on that journey of self-discovery. 

Conflict In Marriage

Conflict in marriage is a very normal part of life and in fact one conflict per week is considered healthy for any relationship according to America’s leading relationship guru, Dr John Gottman. Couples who are conflict avoidant often suffer in many other areas of their relationship than those who engage in weekly conflict in marriage.

The Gottman Method

Want to save your relationship from Divorce? The Gottman Method works miracles.

Dr John Gottman has been well regarded as one of the best relationship experts this century due to his extensive work with couples.
Gottman is particularly known for his research on what makes a healthy relationship and more specifically his “love lab” work where he studied of 3,600 couples over the course of 20 years.